Saphileaum is one of the names of Georgian multi-media artist, Andro Gogibedashvili. Growing up in a musical and art family had a big impact on him to start creating his own personal work. The moniker Saphileaum is highly inspired by esoteric, mystic, new age, cosmic and visionary art and teachings, which hold a huge role and are a source of constant inspiration in artist’s art and life in general. Saphileaum’s sound alchemy is often described as cosmic, spherical, light, visionary, new age, innovative, tribal, relaxing and aware. All these interpretations blossom and unite in his production. When it comes to Saphileaum’s, Andro’s main oceans to sail are Ambient, Techno, Downtempo, Dub and sort of his vision of an Ambient Tropical House. Over the years the artist has developed his own handwriting, which makes his sound, atmosphere and storytelling a remarkable and unique experience.

Alongside producing art, Andro also runs a record label. His first personal label to kick off was called Theosophy, focused on spreading the essence of Theosophycal teachings and meditative ambient music in Tbilisi. But after a period of time, Andro found a more suitable path for him. Now he runs his own small imprint based in Tbilisi, which he claims to be more than just a record label, it is a multi-media platform, “It is a soul community”. The name of the community is Expeditions Above, focused on inspecting the inner and outer unexplored dimensions and realms. “Borderless, Free, Entire, Simple, Pure…” are some of the words Andro uses to describe Expeditions Above.

Apart from Saphileaum, Andro creates art under other two different monikers. Marquess Evergreen is his pseudonym for making music for meditation and writing fairy tales. As for Farewell Warm Fields, it is a project mainly focused on breakbeat, downtempo, house, exploring the nostalgia and romance of the people and places around the artist. Andro also finds passion in writing poetry and drawing.

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